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Our Arizona farm

Cochise Family Farm is a 60 acre family- owned and organically operated farm in the small town of Cochise, Arizona nestled up against the Cochise Stronghold. We believe in giving your family the same quality food we provide for professional chefs in Southern Arizona!

“Amazing people and delicious produce! Apricots are the size of large apples/peaches!!”

MEGAN M. - JUNE 2019​

A Family Farm grown with Love

  Our farm consists of a small team dedicated to bringing Arizona the highest quality fruits and vegetables available!  We pride ourselves on providing Arizonians with Heirloom variety fruits and vegetables grown organically (pesticide & herbicide free). We proudly stand behind every piece of produce that leaves our farm. 

Our Animal friends

We have the happiest free-range chickens laying delicious eggs with golden yolks and tasty, firm whites!  Our chickens lay eggs year-round without skipping a beat!  They are free-range in a safe environment and fed a high-protein diet including fruits and vegetables from our farm!  

See you at the market!

To meet the demands of Arizona chefs and customers year-round, while most farms only have the ability to grow in-season produce, our farm boasts two impressively-sized greenhouses so that we can provide off-season produce year-round as requested and weather permitting.

Welcome to the Family!

From the food that we grow to the animals we share our lives with, our goal is to bring fresh, organically grown, local food to your table and to restaurants that you love!

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